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Protective Sneeze Guards

Protective Sneeze Guards

Freestanding Transparent Sneeze Guards

Why you need them?

On March 23rd, the UK government announced an unprecedented shutdown of all non-essential shops for a minimum of three weeks in order to encourage a wider uptake of social distancing during the COVID-19 crisis. With these restrictions, people will still need to visit shops and businesses and are looking at a range of methods to protect their customers and staff behind cash counters.

Plastic protective screen for counters or checkouts

Our freestanding transparent screens come in a range of different sizes and are easy to assemble. They are suitable for placing on a counter or by a cash register as a transparent plastic shield between your cashiers and customers.

  • Can be wiped clean and undamaged by disinfectant sprays
  • A very effective barrier between your staff and any customers, these screens provide a protective surround and barrier
  • Stops the spread of germs
  • Quick delivery
  • Easy to install

If you require a specific size guard which isn’t in our range of guards, don’t panic you can simply EMAIL sales@tmplastics.co.uk with your dimensions or PHONE 01928 710 777 and speak to a member of staff who will be more than happy to help

We have all products in stock for immediate dispatch 

Permanent Fitted Guards

TM Plastics Ltd have a highly skilled team at hand to fit Permanent Social Distancing Sneeze guards to your customers and staff needs. Please get in contact for more information

Bespoke Fixed Guards

no longer available


TM Plastics Ltd are able to fit and measure permanent guards to your needs. Whether its a hotel/office reception desk to desk dividers, we at TM Plastics have the staff at hand to bespokly make guards to fit your business.

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